Edmundo Cortes

Musik für Film, TV und Werbung

Brazilian musician, producer and composer of the soundtrack for City of God.

Die Geschichte hinter dem Sound

Ed Côrtes is a Brazilian musician and composer, who started as a clarinet player in classical orchestras and soloist contests and evolved to jazz as a saxophone and clarinet player. At Berklee College (Boston) he started composing, inspired by Alex Ulanovsky, his teacher. After a short time in Europe, Ed had two premieres of big symphonic pieces with the São Paulo Jazz-Symphonic Orchestra. Those concerts projected him into the film composing business. Starting with advertising, jumping to pop music producing and to cinema music, Ed has become one of the most awarded and recognized composers and producers in Brazil. Ed co-founded Supersonica, an audio production company for advertising and movie soundtracks including City of God, by Fernando Meirelles. City of God was an Oscar nominee in 4 categories and received awards in many festivals around the world, featuring in the list of the 100 best movies of all time. Ed founded Tentaculo, a studio and production office recognized as one of the best and most creative studios in Brazil, working for on- and off-line adverts, cinema, theatre, music production and ballet. Besides working as a film composer Ed Côrtes also has a strong presence making music for ballet and contemporary dance. His pieces have been danced all over the world.

As one of Brazil’s most awarded and recognised composers and producers, Ed has composed for everything from symphonic pieces, to advertising and film scoring – including Oscar-nominated City of God.
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