Emotional, Introspective Underscores ANW 2874

Peaceful underscores with pulsing drone beds and twitchy percussion under haunting atmospherics and occasional sinister instrumental moments
8 tracks
  1. Abspielen
    Secret State 2874/1 11 mixes David O'Brien
    Mysterious sequenced motif with electronic percussion & atmospheric pads
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  2. Abspielen
    Cygnus 2874/2 8 mixes Matt Hill
    Mysterious tuned percussion with pulsing synth bass & ambient textures
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  3. Abspielen
    Mystification 2874/3 12 mixes David O'Brien
    Hypnotic synth motif with twitchy electronic percussion & dark atmospherics
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  4. Abspielen
    Fluidity 2874/4 10 mixes Matt Hill
    Ethereal analogue synth patterns build with light driving glitchy drums
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  5. Abspielen
    Cryptic Code 2874/5 11 mixes David O'Brien
    Doomy electronica with eerie synth motif, dark bass & glitchy Morse code fx
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  6. Abspielen
    Hazy Dreams 2874/6 9 mixes Matt Hill
    Warm, dreamy & hypnotic synth patterns over light electronic percussion
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  7. Abspielen
    Hidden Intentions 2874/7 11 mixes David O'Brien
    Sinister synth motif with dark pulsing bass & haunting atmospherics
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb
  8. Abspielen
    Wild Blue Yonder 2874/8 5 mixes Matt Hill
    Peaceful, dreamy ambient pad swells with sparse guitar echoes
    Zu den Favoriten Den Warenkorb

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