Undiscovered | #005


The latest instalment in our Undiscovered Series features some of the most exciting young artists and composers in music today: Louis Souyave, Rob Northcott, New Amsterdam and Liam Hennessy.

This release cover genres from beautiful solo piano to catchy indie pop rock and ambient electronic soundscapes.


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Louis Souyave

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Rob Northcott

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Louis has been professionally involved in the music industry since 2005, initially working for Warner Music and in artist development.

Later he signed a record deal with Hubris Records as a member of Daytona Lights who worked with Madness and Bruce Springsteen, and since 2011 has been working as a freelance producer, media composer and songwriter from his studio in South-East London.


Rob is a classically trained musician who also plays in loud rock bands and loves to mess around with electronics.

Just as comfortable with an orchestra or choir in the concert hall as he is fiddling with synths or guitar pedals in the studio, Rob's eclectic tastes and diverse compositional range have helped him contribute music to a wide variety of media projects, most notably with the London Philharmonic Choir.

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New Amsterdam

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Liam Hennessy

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Originating from Essex and Suffolk, the band have been making music since their teens.

Tom began during the early years of high school playing drums and twins Doug and Phil built a recording studio in Essex, in which Phil took an interest in production music.

Doug, Phil and Oliver began writing commercial and TV music for big companies and brands such as Specsavers, Lidl, AirBNB and CW Network, and both Doug and Oliver performed at festivals including Sundown, Y Not and Secret Garden Party.


Liam Hennessy is a London-based composer crafting his own brand of wonderfully intricate, melodic songs using a unique blend of natural and electronic sounds.

Influenced by a number of composers who use their work for TV and film, his music combines acoustic, indie, folk, and ambient elements with field recordings and found sounds for added depth and texture.

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