30 Jan 2017

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Traditional Brass Band Intimate Acoustic Pop

Mehr Musik

Sticks And Stones

Bright and atmospheric percussion themes. Hypnotic grooves and mesmerising fills featuring mallets, marimbas, kalimbas and a host of other unusual percussion

SFX - Miscellaneous

Electronic whooshes, metallic stutters and sparkling hits. A collection of varied and impressive sound effects

Emotive Piano 2

Warm minimalist piano with relaxed but varied accompaniment. Serene melodic phrases and introspective moments form sparse but rich piano moods

Fiddle Led Folk

Cheerful country folk with fast-paced lead fiddle partnered with up-tempo bluegrass evocative of ceilidhs. Featuring joyful guitars, upbeat bass-lines and a stomping rhythm section

Science And Technology

Futuristic soundscapes with hypnotic FX. Pulsing synth arpeggios interwoven with intricate percussion and atmospheric textures make for some out of this world arrangements

Flights And Fancies

Dreamy and simmering piano with celestial orchestral accompaniment. A graceful combination of playful woodwind, pizzicato strings and vibraphone textures that build together for some truly magical moments