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24 Jun 2019

Underground electronica, stirring strings, shimmering orchestral soundscapes
and orchestral themes from Japan

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A black and purple background with 'underground movements' overlaid

Underground Movements

Alex Arcoleo’s electronic music is always led by melody, not percussion, which contributes to its depth and humanity. His influences include Bonobo and he's always looking to innovate.

His new album showcases a mix of electronica, from cool and underground with left-field textures, to heavy and ultra-modern.

A purple background with faded images of men and women from the 19th century

A Promise Kept

Luke Richards’ pulse-pounding scores can be heard in 'Transformers: The Last Knight' and 'Jason Bourne', as well as video game series, 'Call of Duty'. He has also won Best Original Score for 'Remembering the Fallen' at the Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Luke’s new album sees him conjuring a wealth of string moods covering sombre and poignant, inspiring and stirring, to create feelings of loss, redemption, romance and positivity.

A clear blue body of water with Symphonic Skies overlaid

Symphonic Skies

In the world of advertising, Julie Cooper's scores have been paired with companies including NatWest, Ford and Accenture. Her ethereal compositions are playful and melodic, with the promise of discovery and transformation.

On her new album, she has created atmospheric, shimmering orchestral soundscapes, with haunting vocals from soprano Grace Davidson.

2 circles surrounded by coi carp in red and gold for the Gold In Tokyo album

Gold In Tokyo

Sonic world-builder Terry Devine-King crafts scores for everything from reality television to blockbuster films. His credits include commercials for Guinness, Rover, Citroen, Orange, Daily Telegraph and Barclays, as well as numerous TV documentaries.

Composer, percussionist, programmer and orchestrator Jody Jenkins has composed music for international advertising campaigns, including British Gas, McDonalds, Samsung and the award-winning campaign for BMW’s C1 bike. Together, they have drawn together a range of traditional Japanese instruments, percussion and voices to create tracks full of celebration, heroism and hope.

More music

Modern Military

Military snares underpin driving, angry strings and triumphant brass, with tense strings and pounding percussion.

Organic Electronica

From uplifting kora patterns, organic arpeggio patterns, and polyrhythmic piano to drum and dance beats and mellow guitar riffs, this is electronica to match every mood from triumphant to thoughtful.

Funny Bones 3

Get up to mischief with playful, jaunty tuba joined by breezy, whimsical woodwind and perky, bouncy pizzicato strings.

Woodwind Solos

Solo bassoons move from playful and slinky to ponderous, whilst solo flutes are intoxicating and mellow, bright and spritely and hypnotic and soaring, bringing to mind the sound of birdsong.


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