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10 Oct 2017

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Great American West

Orchestral Americana that embodies the panoramic landscapes and atmospheric mood of the great western plains with orchestral themes

Laid Back Lifestyle

Blissful chilled out tunes with dreamy moods, mellow synths and funky guitars over ambient textures

Nostalgic Haze

Floaty and stirring dreampop with hazy builds and heavy wall of sound climaxes combining shoegaze guitars, ethereal vocals and serene pads

Nu-Folk Lifestyle

Bright and upbeat nu-folk with catchy lead hooks, acoustic guitar and catchy folk instruments with lively tuned percussion and subtle beats

Electro Indie Rock

Driving indie pop with anthemic vocals, stabbing guitar leads and glitching FX hooks

South East Asian Lifestyle

Peaceful Asiatic lifestyle themes combining traditional instrumental themes with modern pop sensibilities