06 Jan 2020

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bright saturated colours of dried paint Bollywood today sidhant kapoor

Bollywood Today

Singer-composer Sidhant Kapoor has studied everything from Classical Indian Music to Jazz with Sir Xavier Fernandes. He blends elements of Indian music with western instruments to create his unique sound, which has featured on shows on channels including BBC, MTV, Discovery and Sky in addition to films from a host of different countries. His new album showcases a range of Bollywood beats and moods, including driving bhangra and a traditional wedding song.

gavin burrough wearing blue t shirt plain backdrop nnf release burn


Gavin Burrough has been writing, playing and producing music for over 15 years. He formed metal/hardcore outfit Hondo Maclean, then joined UK rock giants Funeral For a Friend. His songwriting style is eclectic, marrying riffs, rhythm and catchy hooks – his new album Burn also brings in male vocals and in-your-face drums.


craig hardy carolyn jordan crrowd in saturated colours with bills falling down onto white typography encore


Craig Hardy writes and produces in pretty much every genre – he’s worked with everyone from Lemar (writing/producing Dance (With U), Jessica Mauboy (on her debut album) and pop rockers McFly, together with teaming up with Carolyn Jordan on soul and K-Pop tracks. Encore sees them teaming strong female vocals with tropical pop and sing-a-long choruses.

orange background people dancing swing hard

Swing Hard

Acclaimed saxophonist and bandleader Tim Garland is a Grammy award-winner who’s also played in Chick Corea, Bill Bruford and Sir John Dankworth’s bands. And if you’re looking for that big band sound, Swing Hard has it all – cool, slick 1960s themes, to a Latin dance spectacular, or change pace completely with Tim’s 60s-style film noir jazz.

More music

Piano Rock

Rocking piano featuring everything from the super slinky, with bass and drums, to glam with a big chorus, jangly piano-driven rolling rock and uplifting choruses.

Move On Up

Up-tempo, bouncy ska with energetic brass gives way to swinging party ska with Hammond organ, sax solo and happy male vocals.

Emerge Through Shadow

Cinematic moods with piano moving from slow and emotive to dark and brooding, joined by hypnotic guitars, synth textures and hypnotic hang drum

Solo Instruments Series Saxophone 2

The sax shows off its versatility – the baritone moves from swinging solo to bluesy riffs with cool swagger, and sleazy to wistful. Contrabass sax leaps from jaunty and mischievous to shady and determined.

Solo Instruments Harp 2

A graceful, flowing waltz, wistful serenades, hypnotic patterns with magical glissando and peaceful underscores with a Celtic feel.


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