04 Feb 2020

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infinite sounds marc jackson burrows new releases audio network

Infinite Sands

Marc is one half of production duo Bimbo Jones, who became one of the world’s most prolific remix and production teams, reworking everyone from Lady Gaga to the Killers, Tinchy Stryder to Katy Perry. On Infinite Sands, Marc often creates electro world music, which blends melodic Arabic instruments with synths, house beats and exotic textures.

Conflicts 2 Terry Devine King new releases audio network

Conflicts 2

Prolific composer Terry Devine-King crafts scores for everything from reality TV to blockbuster films. He’s written for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and his credits include commercials for Guinness, Rover, Citroen, Orange, Daily Telegraph and Barclays, as well as numerous TV documentaries. Conflicts 2 conjures darkly dramatic atmospheres from synths, pulsing electronic hits, driving strings and eerie electronic textures.


elidi new releases audio network alternative afrobeat


London-based producer George Georgia began as a drummer, touring with Bonobo. His tracks run the gamut from mellow and contemplative to danceable, uniting influences from hip hop, ambient and house. Glowlights showcases driving, dramatic techno, inspired by the European club scene with swaggering basslines, shimmering synth stabs and atmospheric club sounds.

people get ready we're moving on new releases james taylor quartet audio network

People Get Ready (We're Moving On)

British jazz funk icon James Taylor ties together his infamous Hammond sound, the effortless melodic funk of his quartet, live orchestra and the vocal talents of UK soul sensations Noel McKoy and Natalie Williams, recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

More music

Giggling Squid

Playful orchestrations featuring Latin percussion, mischievous woodwind, pizzicato strings, together with Russian folk instrumentation, whimsical violins and nostalgic French accordion. 

Trouble Ahead

Tense, dramatic strings build a sense of nervous anticipation over sparse percussion, combined with distant sound design and kalimba.

Octane Road

Octane Road covers everything from badass and swampy to driving and pounding blues rock stomps. Slide guitars are joined by hard-hitting riffs, shifting the mood from Southern swagger to feel-good riff-rock. 

High Spirits

A variety of avant pop, from strong Celtic themes with soaring flute to magical folk waltz and exuberant folk orchestra with piano arpeggios and strings, woodwind and galloping drums. 


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